Distributed Power Generation

Whether it’s solar PV, solar thermal, microturbines or larger scale Combined Heat and Power systems, Energesco designs, implements, and installs distributed power generation solutions that are best suited and most appropriate for a given site. Our Energy Audit Services include a thorough analysis of available resources and identify potential sources of energy that are not being captured or are being used inefficiently. We then determine locations at your facility where this energy could be harvested — considering both building-integrated solutions and those that use previously underutilized land.

The Energy Audit for your location will also include an analysis of available incentives, potential savings from on-site distributed power generation, and the approximate implementation cost at your given location. We can structure our projects to utilize federal tax incentives (investment tax credit or production tax credit), state tax incentives and grants, renewable energy certificates, carbon credits, utility rebates or other incentives, feed-in tariffs, subsidized loans, system benefit trust funds, accelerated depreciation, and other incentives.