Our Approach

A complete understanding of the fundamentals of energy services coupled with project management expertise is critical to the successful implementation of Energy Efficiency and Distributed Power Generation systems. Equally important is a sophisticated understanding of the economics behind energy efficiency and distributed power and how projects should be financed to ensure business and financial objectives are met. Energesco offers both.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable energy solutions and cost savings to our customers. We are motivated by a commitment to helping our customers:

  • Save Money,
  • Reduce Utility Consumption,
  • Improve Asset Value,
  • Enhance Facility Performance, and
  • Achieve Sustainability Goals.

With our extensive energy-related expertise, project management capabilities, and real estate knowledge, we understand how to:

  • Assess facilities for cost effective energy efficiency measures,
  • Propose meaningful upgrades, and
  • Implement projects from start to successful completion.

Energesco possesses the expertise and experience necessary to craft energy projects that produce real results that minimize risk and maximize cost savings. We do this by thoroughly understanding our customers’ energy needs and consumption, working with them to identify cost effective and sustainable energy solutions, and carefully implementing those solutions. Energesco can even assist with project financing and, in some cases, guarantee energy savings.