Limited and/or shrinking budgets coupled with competing capital investments present major obstacles to implementing Energy Efficiency and Distributed Power Generation measures. Securing financing is often the biggest challenge facing organizations interested in such projects. We help overcome these hurdles. Energesco’s principals have vast experience arranging and sourcing a variety of financing solutions that are well suited to the specific needs of energy efficiency and distributed power generation projects, including loans and lease agreements.

Energesco also keeps abreast of innovative federal, state and local funding opportunities, such as renewable energy certificates, grants, utility rebates and tax credits. We constantly monitor the ever changing landscape of available incentives, which allows for a comprehensive and up-to-date evaluation of all potential financing assistance available for different energy-related projects.

Power Purchase Agreements

Under a Power Purchase Agreement, a customer contracts with Energesco Solutions to install, finance, own and operate a distributed generation system on its property and agrees to purchase the power at a specified price for an agreed-upon term, typically 15 to 20 years. Our customer benefits from a lower and more stable electricity price, a smaller carbon footprint, and a highly visible renewable energy technology on their premises.